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--- Comment #4 from Michael Scherer <misc at zarb.org> 2011-06-03 19:32:12 CEST ---
Erratas evolve, release notes don't. Once the release is done, we do not add
feature nor change it, so the releases notes should not evolve and be fixed.
Erratas are completed once bugs are found.

So to me, releases notes should be prepared before the release. If we modify
them after, that because we were late, ad the problem should be fixed by not
being late.

However, the problem is the errata, and we maybe need a better tool than the
wiki. Errata is basically just a list of errors, with a classification ( right
now, linear one, but tags could work too ). We also need to translate it, and
wiki is not good for that.

So to me : 
- releases notes on the wiki are just working document, like a draft
- releases notes, once finalized, should be on the web site, and be prepared
before so
  - we can translate it
  - wen can proof read it

- erratas should be on wiki

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