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Wolfgang Bornath molch.b at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 25 00:07:37 CET 2011

Now I am subscribed to the list :)

2011/2/24 Wolfgang Bornath <molch.b at googlemail.com>:
>> I think - yes.
>> What exactly materials are needed?
>> I can tonight draw the background banner.
>> What information will be placed on it (the main theses may I will have
>> some ideas)?
>> Or only the logo?
> The most important is the logo.
> I will later compile a text, using the general information from the
> website, including the "Core Values". Hopefully I will have a text for
> comments by tomorrow morning.

I have compiled the text, translation is attached.
Pls keep in mind that
 - the German text is better in expressions (I'm a native German speaker).
 - the length of the text is the maximum, if you want to add something
you have to take something first.

I decided to take the layout with one picture. There is a left column
with the image underneath and a right column all text.

All I need now is your comments and the logo and a screenshot

The screenshot has to be PNG with at least 2048x1168 - I will supply
that (my monitor has 1920x1200, which will do).

The logo has to be SVG or JPEG or PNG, size minimum 1080x720

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Large title: Mageia
Logo on the right side

Left column:

Mageia is a Linux distribution. It is a fork of Mandriva Linux and is developped and released by the non-commercial organisation **Mageia.Org**

This organisation was founded by a group of former employees and contributors of Mandriva SA. The purpose of the organisation is the development and release of a free Linux distribution which depends vompletely on the work of a community of volunteers. 

Mageia is developped to be a stable distribution for Linux users and it is suited for the novice as well as for the experienced Linux user.

Mageia is developped as a free distribution in a free community and is only subject to the decisions of the organisation. Mageia.Org is sponsored by donations from private persons as well as from other organisations.

Right column:

** Mageia Community **

The Mageia community has set the following core values for their distribution:

- Mageia is Social Software

- Mageia is Powerful Technology

- Mageia is Knowledge

- Mageia is Quality

- Mageia is Open Relations

You may find the core values in detail on the Mageia website (see below). These values can only be set and kept ba an organisation which is clearly structured but also ensures that each voice of the community is heard and each idea and suggestion is discussed in a fair manner by the leading group of the organisation. To achieve this Mageia.Org has implemented a leading structure (a "Governance Model") which involves all parts of the community. You can find a graphic model of this structure at http://mageia.org/wiki/doku.php?id=org .

**Mageia wants You!**

The Mageia teams are open for everybody who wants to contribute to this free community distribution. The fields of activities reach from sysadmins to developpers to packagers and from documentation to marketing, communication and translation. There is enough work for any skill you may have. Contact us at this stand or use the contact address given below.

Web site: http://www.mageia.org

Contact: contact at mageia.org

Press:  press at mageia.org

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