[Mageia-artwork] Meeting tonight

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Wed Jun 29 14:29:12 CEST 2011

Am 29.06.2011 14:08, schrieb Luc Menut:
> Hi,
> Le 29/06/2011 08:42, Thorsten van Lil a écrit :
>> Dear team-mates,
>> we will hold a short meeting today:
>> Topics are:
>> * Window decoration
> Mainly as a Mageia's user, and also as a packager, I would make some
> remarks about window decoration for next Mageia release.
> We had several bugs in the past (at start of ia_ora in Mdv) with our own
> window decoration.
> Maintaining a good window decoration is lot of work, and I'm not sure we
> have enough manpower to do so (or that it's the best use of our limited
> manpower!!).
> I would prefer if we use the upstream window decoration (and widget
> style) of desktop environments (even if we have some differences between
> DE), and we take time to polish the integration of most of graphics
> applications (qt4, gtk2, and now gtk3 apps) in each DE.
> my 2 cents :-)

Thanks Luc, for your comments. You named some concerns I have with 
window decoration. In the upcomming meeting, I would like to discuss 
this topic in general and appoint someone who will address the whole 
issue (with hopefully proper solutions). Can you may attend to the 
meeting today? Or can I relegate the chosen person to you, as a 
discussion partner?


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