[Mageia-artwork] Last ToDo-Reminder

Thorsten van Lil tvl83 at gmx.de
Tue May 24 09:43:27 CEST 2011

Hey folks,

the thrill is rising. As the final ISOs will be created on Friday, we 
have to submit all our changes and work until Thursday!

Anne send us an short todo-list yesterday.
So here is a short update:
 > - left-background for installer (without anything or including Mageia 
1 release)
 > - left background for mcc (in 2 pieces we need to fix the one used
when you maximize window)
Done by dtsiamasiotis?
 > - adding mageia logo on background ?
Done by schultz

So far, so goods. Thanks for your work. But there are still a few tasks 
to proceed:

 > - advertising images
Patricia (from marcom-team) has collected some ideas for them:
The current advertising images can be found here:

 > - KDE / GNOME menu button
any volunteers or ideas on it?

 > - live CDs cover
I will extract a CD cover of the grub menu image (but after release)

and last but not least:

- KDE/GNOME/Custom Icons for the DE-selection in the installer.
This could be an dumbed down "screenshot" (not a real screenshot) of the 
DEs. For example a dark blue screen with one task bar on the bottom for 
KDE and with two taskbars (one on top, one on bottom) for GNOME. The 
custom one may only be a dark blue screen with the pot of the logo on 
it. All three may can be put onto a TFT or other monitor, to make it 
more clear. But that's only an idea, if you have other/better ideas, 
you're welcome to realize them.
Her again:
Any volunteers?


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