[Mageia-artwork] New wiki

Oliver Burger oliver.bgr at googlemail.com
Tue Nov 8 23:31:11 CET 2011

Am Dienstag, 8. November 2011, 22:21:29 schrieb Donald Stewart:
> > The existing list is just for trash. I mailed all on the list i didn't
> > know but never get a response.
I kept those lists in the Archive namespace for i18n and documentation. Even 
if we might never use those lists again...

> > That brings to my mind. We should vote for a deputy in the next weeks.
> > Any volunteers for this job? Max maybe?
> Max seems to be an excellent choice, so he gets my vote.
I have not been working much with artwork and I have no preferences. All of 
you are good people and have been cooperative when asked things.


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