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Donald Stewart watersnowrock at gmail.com
Wed Nov 9 15:50:49 CET 2011

On 9 November 2011 14:24, Thorsten van Lil <tvl83 at gmx.de> wrote:
> Am 09.11.2011 14:49, schrieb Max Quarterpleen:
>> On Wed, Nov 9, 2011 at 11:39 AM, Romain d'Alverny <rdalverny at gmail.com
>> <mailto:rdalverny at gmail.com>> wrote:
>>    On Tue, Nov 8, 2011 at 22:57, Thorsten van Lil <tvl83 at gmx.de
>>    <mailto:tvl83 at gmx.de>> wrote:
>>     > The question that came in my mind is: Do we need a list of team
>>    members?
>>     > What benefit has one of it, if he is listed?
>>    Being a team _peer_ member is distinct than just attending. I know it
>>    may sound ludicrous or over-theorical, but this is important to know
>>    who gets a vote and who doesn't, in some situation (such as electing
>>    the leader, the deputy leader, and deciding on serious issues if a
>>    vote is needed). So, in this point of view, yes, having a list of who
>>    is a peer is important.
>>    It's important too so that it can be written somewhere for write
>>    accesses in some places (yes, the storage thing is lagging behind), so
>>    that we can roughly know how many people are involved (there's a
>>    user/group web app in the works), etc.
>>     > If it is just like the "Credits" in games/films, than it should
>>    be those
>>     > who send artworks/patches to mageia. But this is not really fair,
>>     > because so many people spend time in discussing, bringing good
>>    ideas or
>>     > their opinions.
>>    Credits are a distinct thing. For instance, Olivier Faurax (for the
>>    original design) and Alexn83 (for reworking it) have to be in such a
>>    list for the current logo (and if we are for an exact changelog of it,
>>    we can as well add Hélène, but that was an offline work).
>>     > Naming everyone who is a active member of the list would be more
>>    fair,
>>     > but that would be round about 20 members.
>>    As a reminder, being a peer means having been recognized by other
>>    peers. And as we did for other teams, this list has to be bootstrapped
>>    by the leader.
>> Hear that Thorsten? Let's see a list of peers.
> If you ask me that politely  :)
> On the quick, some proposals:
> tumbeliina
> dimosthenis
> alexn83
> Oliver Faurax
> rda
> ennael
> dmorgen
> trish
> Oliver Burger
> Max
> Donald Steward
> Zlatko
> dtsiamasiotis
> mikala
> dams
> TeaAge
> Regards,
> Thorsten
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That list looks good to me, although can I have my T back please?

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