[Mageia-artwork] Design for Mageia 2

Romain d'Alverny rdalverny at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 17:20:49 CEST 2012

On Mon, Apr 2, 2012 at 16:56, Oliver Burger <obgr_seneca at mageia.org> wrote:
> Am 02.04.2012 16:36, schrieb Max Quarterpleen:
>> Are we or are we not allowed to change the colors of the logo?
>> If so, to what colors can we change it?

I know we failed to finish the logo definition back at the time, that
is, to provide all variants of the logo that are valid + clear
guidelines. Basically, you make three variants, usually, when you have
a graphic identity, so it can be used in several contexts:
 - the original one (colours as defined, and as it is used on www)
 - plain white (for use on dark, monochrome background - such as the
one I linked to earlier)
 - plain black (for use on clear, monochrome background)
 - those may even have derivatives (shades, subtle radiants or
shadows), but let's keep it simple; this depends highly on a graphic
designer polishing work, in the spirit of the original logo (referring
here, for instance, to the more polished one, white with blue bubbles
and light inset shadow).

>> Here we are, after having been chastised for manipulating the logo in
>> the installer screens trying to do our damnedest not to manipulate the
>> logo for the background and still make it look good. And then you come
>> in and say "oh, but what about *this*?"

There's a _world_ between what was done to the logos of _others_ in
these installer screens, and playing around the cauldron theme, and
this plain white mask variant of our logo. I certainly could have been
more specific about the "don't play with logos" rule, especially in
our case. But there was not much challenge to my post either.

>> I wish that this were better defined, and that the council members had
>> gotten involve earlier in the process.
>> Same deal with the installer screens. You can't sit there silently
>> throughout the whole creative process, and then come in at the deadline
>> and say "no, we can't do that".

I agree, that way, it sucks.

>> That hurts, a lot.

That's how it happens everyday. We all have only a few hours a day
each to work on what we have. So we can't be all everywhere all the
time. So indeed, there are times when we will not look into everything
that happens, and there are times when we will. The point is to
organize so that reviews happen regularly, and if it's a problem
because we jump in at the least favourable moment for you, it's up to
you to organize the review too and to ring a bell when it's not
happening as you think it should.

>> And when I do take initiative and reach out to council members
>> asking "*this* is what we want to do, is that OK with you?" I get
>> volumes of silence.

I understand that, but I certainly missed the question to Council
members above. Or do it/register it for a Council meeting to be sure
it gets reviewed. Obviously there was a problem with your account
access to Council list too.

>> It's enough to make one resentful.

Don't be. It hurts, right, but that's a price to pay for polishing
things, filtering out the bad, keeping the great and finding a better
way of doing something.

So, what do you want to do?

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