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Max Quarterpleen bogusman222 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 21:40:08 CEST 2012

Hi Steve!
We are always happy to welcome new members to the team, and if you have
professional experience, that's even better!
Right now we are just wrapping up a few loose ends before Mageia 2, but we
will soon have a lot of work ahead of us for Mageia 3.
If you've subscribed to the mailing list then you're pretty much a team
member already, but it would be nice if you could show us some of your
work. It doesn't need to be a real portfolio, just some stuff that we could
look at and go "aww man, I wish I was this good!".
Meetings are held more or less regularly every other Wednesday on IRC, you
can see the wiki page for more details (we just had one, so next one will
be in a week and a half).
Oh, and one final note: please don't respond to digest emails. You can
start a new thread by emailing to mageia-artwork at mageia.org, or reply to an
already existing thread. But replying to a digest causes confusion and
multi-posts. If you do want to actively participate I suggest that you
subscribe regularly, this way you will always be up to date on what is
going on and can join in the discussions in a timely fashion. Don't worry
about email overload. Just now before the new release we're very busy and
have lots of stuff to say, but on a regular basis it's a lot quieter. Also,
you can easily set a filter to keep your inbox clear.
Anyway, glad to have you on the team, and looking forward to working with
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