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Sebastian sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Sun Apr 22 01:22:38 CEST 2012

Welcome to the team Steve :).

> If you've subscribed to the mailing list then you're pretty much a 
> team member already
Hi Max he subscribed to the mailing list earlier this week after 
chatting to him about possibly joining Mageia teams in #mageia-social. 
He was interested in artwork and I suggested he sent his introduction to 
the mailing list earlier.

He's currently known as iamoverrated on IRC.
> Meetings are held more or less regularly every other Wednesday on IRC, 
> you can see the wiki page for more details (we just had one, so next 
> one will be in a week and a half).
Steve meetings also get publicly logged: http://meetbot.mageia.org

Since your now a artwork team member you may want to be in 
#mageia-artwork as well at times when your on IRC, that's also the 
channel where the meetings happen.
> Oh, and one final note: please don't respond to digest emails. You can 
> start a new thread by emailing to mageia-artwork at mageia.org 
> <mailto:mageia-artwork at mageia.org>, or reply to an already existing 
> thread. But replying to a digest causes confusion and multi-posts. If 
> you do want to actively participate I suggest that you subscribe 
> regularly, this way you will always be up to date on what is going on 
> and can join in the discussions in a timely fashion.
Indeed at that, and you should probably not bother to use the digest at 
all for this mailing list, since now that you are a member of the team, 
I expect that at least sometimes you will be emailing the mailing list.
> Anyway, glad to have you on the team, and looking forward to working 
> with you!
> Max
Same for me :).

Sebastian (sebsebseb)
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