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Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Fri Mar 9 23:04:46 CET 2012

> I think Esteban's texts are just fine, so it's a matter of choosing the
> right images; and we're going to need another set of images for Mageia
> 3, so having a second set ready to go is not a bad thing!

Well yes that's one idea to have something already for Mageia 3, but 
earlier in IRC, Tumberlina, Gaula, and myself, had a chat about making 
images that are a cross between Gaula's and Estebans images, have things 
from both types of image.

Tumberlina made this image whilst we had our chat to give an idea of 
what she meant: 

This is what I tried to get Gaula to make as an example for the idea:

1. Esteban's blue border with the Mageia logo on the right, going across 
at the bottom of the image.
2. Guala's CD image on the left, with the normal original Mageia logo 
that says Mageia and has the logo, or maybe the transparent logo 
instead,  in the CD itself at the top.
3. Esteban's information graphic with the installer text, in the centre 
of the image or where it looks correct, taking up quite a bit of space
4.  Gaula's Cauldron image on the right or where it looks correct.

I also had the idea for the CD to use an official Mageia 2 CD, but we 
don't seem to have one at the moment so hmm.

The artwork freeze is meant to be tomorrow, but it seems going by 
Wednesday's packaging meeting that it may be ok to delay it a little bit 
if necessary. It would be good to have these installer slideshow images 
in Beta 2 which is meant to be released on March 15th, but I would 
rather have the images delayed until the release candidate for example, 
than have a rush job.

Good artwork in my opinion is very important to have in a Linux 
distribution, one reason I don't like Ubuntu that much anymore since 
10.04 (or when it was in development sometime), because I really dislike 
the newer branding, with the exception of the newer logo, but there was 
much more to it than just that, Gnome 2 patching and so on.

Also I really like the Mandriva 2010 series branding for example, and 
the 2010 distro versions themselves. The branding alone was enough to 
make me install Mandriva and be happy with it compared to many other 

For me default looks are very important when it comes to Linux 

For Esteban's text I think it could do with some improving, not sure 
about saying that it's made by a community of free spirits, but that's 
probably ok really.

Also some of it sounds way to company like, by for example saying that 
something is the best well kind of for example: Included in Mageia are 
the most powerful tools to create raster and vector graphics and 3D 

The most powerful tools that's an opinion not a fact, and companies do 
this, try and make people think their product is the most powerful or 
the best, when that is an opinion.  So for that text this would be 
better instead: Included in Mageia are powerful tools to create raster 
and vector graphics, and 3D animations such as The Gimp and Inkscape.  
Well The Gimp comes by default I think, but not Inkscape? Altough to get 
round the what comes by default, can say what's available instead.

All the tools are available in Mageia for working with documents, and 
spreadsheets, that's not really true, So this would be better text 
instead for that image:  Working with documents, spreadsheets or 
presentations in Mageia can be done using tools such as LibreOffice.

Websites, e-mail, feeds, chat or ftp;  Mageia includes....

Need some changes for that text as well, ftp should be in capitals, and 
what kind of feeds? Also again like with the documents Mageia does not 
include all the applications for this. Like with the other images should 
provide some names of the software available.

Personally I would like to have correct and 100% truly honest installer 
text in the slide show :).

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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