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Alfter being treated twice as a guy who can't work in a community I have no
other choice but to leave the community. But let me explain something
before I remove my subscriptions to the lists. I joined the Mageia
Marketing list trying to give back something to the distribution. My
schedule constraints, due to my daily job and geographic location, makes it
almost impossible to join the chats. My only reference is what I receive
from the mail messages of the list, when I can read them. One day I noticed
that Mageia needed better splash screens and I saw an opportunity to help.
I draw a couple of screens and suggest some texts. The guys from Marketing
ask me to join then the Artwork list as well. I rushed to create a set of
screens and mail them to both lists before the deadline. Then I read that
my screens didn't fit something (nobody has yet explained me what they
didn't fit) and I rushed again to create a new set of screens trying to fix
what i guess was wrong with the first set.

Maybe you're right and I'm not a community material. Maybe I joined without
knowing how a community distribution work. Or maybe what I needed was a
little introduction to how a community distribution works and what the
rules are. But, after reading a couple of "not so nice" messages regarding
my contribution to Mageia I feel that this is a community I don't want to

Good luck with Mageia.


2012/3/11 Max Quarterpleen <bogusman222 at gmail.com>

> OK, time is of the essence, but here is where we stand:
> We will be using Guala's images for the installer for Mga2. There are
> several reasons behind this decision, but chief among them is the fact that
> those images were a group effort by the entire artwork and marcom teams.
> Esteban, we greatly appreciate all the hard work that you put in, and
> certainly the initiative that you showed. But Mageia is a community
> distribution, and that means that it is a team effort. A community is not
> merely a collection of individuals, but a group of people who work
> together. Esteban, you are clearly a very talented person and we would be
> more than happy if you were to join the artwork team and continue to
> contribute. I for one look forward to working with you in the future, but
> it needs to be done as part of a team. We'll probably hold on to those
> images of yours and use them (or a slight variation) for Mga3.
> Trish told me that she would put together some text for Guala's images
> soon (within a day).
> About whether the installer software will support svg images and multiple
> languages... That is a very good idea, but I think it may have simply come
> too late. Maybe next time? That will certainly require a lot of
> coordination with the i18n team as well as packagers.
> Finally a question: who knows what needs to be done so that the final 10
> PNGs will get packaged and ready to go for Beta 2?
> These are the images we will be using:
> http://imgh.us/01_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/02_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/03_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/04_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/05_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/06_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/07_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/08_IM_mageia.png
> Keep in mind that the text there is temporary and at the end we will
> probably only use 5 of them (each one twice with different text).
> Have a good evening (or whatever).
> Max
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