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Guala gualadrake at gmail.com
Tue Mar 13 05:04:35 CET 2012

Hey guys... I try to keep up with the list after week end, tell them I'm a
little lost with the theme of the images vs. the corresponding text, what
would that go in each of the images?.

Show me the path! ;)

I understand, of the 8 images used probably only 5 ... OK?

These are the images we will be using:
> http://imgh.us/01_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/02_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/03_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/04_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/05_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/06_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/07_IM_mageia.png
> http://imgh.us/08_IM_mageia.png
Any idea which images would be disposable?

About whether the installer software will support svg images and multiple
languages... Will be for the next! ;)

Come on Esteban! help us with the text, nothing I can bring to this issue
except to place them graphically. (Se me olvida que eres *bilingüe... por
suerte el traductor no se complica con líneas simples*) XD

I await instructions!
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