[Mageia-artwork] Final installer discussion

Rémi Verschelde remi at verschelde.fr
Thu Mar 15 10:41:12 CET 2012

2012/3/15 Sebastian sebsebseb <sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com>:
> Also yes I would like Mageia 2 Beta 2 released later on today with the
> installer slide show graphics, so got to be quick with any last minute
> changes, if they are going to be part of it.
I'm not sure that it can be achieved. IMO, the ISOs would have to be
rebuilt to include the installer slide show graphics, and new ISOs
mean a new series of pre-release tests.

@Anne: Do you plan to rebuild the Beta 2 ISOs if the artwork teams
provides the slide show graphics in time, or will those graphics be
used for Mageia 2 RC?

Rémi / Akien

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