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Sebastian sebsebseb sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com
Mon Mar 26 03:32:44 CEST 2012

Donald Stewart typed:
> Hey,
> Well now that we have a background chosen, I thought that i would ask
> about whither or not there are plans to provide additional
> backgrounds, we could just select 10 or so of the runners up in the
> contest and ship them.
> The same applies for screensavers, although I think that that is
> becoming a little out of date these days.
> The new login sound is progressing, I have heard a first sample and it
> sounded good, although I don't know if we will get this in time for
> mga 2 but it will be there for 3 I hope.
Hi Donald

I think the council members at the time only choose a default 
background, not sure exactly though. I guess it's up to the artwork team 
or council to choose the extra backgrounds. As for how many extra 
backgrounds will be included in Mageia 2 I don't know, but I think 10 is 
a good number.

I would suggest the artwork team members or council pick backgrounds 
they like say 10 each, and then have the artwork team or council decide 
which 10 to use, for example. Same thing for the screensaver image slide 
show's maybe? Well it seems to say in another email that you have images 
for that already :).

Thanks for reminding me about the sound scheme :). I assume your friend 
that you told me about before has made the login sound.

Can you provide a link for the sample by any chance, so the rest of us 
can hear it?

I think that if he is quick enough in completing the sound scheme, that 
yes it can probably indeed be included in the release candidate on April 
10th and so also the Mageia 2 final release.

There is time to re do the installer slide show images for the release 
candidate, and so there should also be enough time for him to finish a 
sound scheme :).

As for having a sound scheme included it will need to be discussed with 
the council, something I don't mind doing in the meeting tonight when 
probably get an opportunity in doing so at an appropriate section of the 
meeting.  They will probably agree on having a sound scheme, and as long 
as it's finished in time, I expect it can be included in the release 
candidate no problem.

I am not on the council  mailing list yet, and it seems I will need to 
be given access to send emails there as the new marketing team deputy 
leader. Trish is on the mailing list for example, and she could request 
it as a topic to be discussed for this evening's meeting.  Or Max if he 
has access to sending emails to the list.

The clocks went an hour forward in the weekend that for me has just 
been, but I think it will be at 8pm BST or 7pm UTC or something like 
that.  I think that it would be good to have Max at the council meeting 
this evening, and you as well or instead.  Artwork team is still meant 
to be voting on who to have as the leader and deputy leader, but at the 
moment only you two have put yourself forward, and so I think it will be 
you two in charge of the team.

 From Sebastian sebsebseb

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