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Donald Stewart watersnowrock at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 11:18:48 CEST 2012

On 26 March 2012 02:32, Sebastian sebsebseb <sebsebseb_mageia at gmx.com> wrote:
> Donald Stewart typed:
>> Hey,
>> Well now that we have a background chosen, I thought that i would ask
>> about whither or not there are plans to provide additional
>> backgrounds, we could just select 10 or so of the runners up in the
>> contest and ship them.
>> The same applies for screensavers, although I think that that is
>> becoming a little out of date these days.
>> The new login sound is progressing, I have heard a first sample and it
>> sounded good, although I don't know if we will get this in time for
>> mga 2 but it will be there for 3 I hope.
> Hi Donald
> I think the council members at the time only choose a default background,
> not sure exactly though. I guess it's up to the artwork team or council to
> choose the extra backgrounds. As for how many extra backgrounds will be
> included in Mageia 2 I don't know, but I think 10 is a good number.
> I would suggest the artwork team members or council pick backgrounds they
> like say 10 each, and then have the artwork team or council decide which 10
> to use, for example. Same thing for the screensaver image slide show's
> maybe? Well it seems to say in another email that you have images for that
> already :).
> Thanks for reminding me about the sound scheme :). I assume your friend that
> you told me about before has made the login sound.
> Can you provide a link for the sample by any chance, so the rest of us can
> hear it?
> I think that if he is quick enough in completing the sound scheme, that yes
> it can probably indeed be included in the release candidate on April 10th
> and so also the Mageia 2 final release.
> There is time to re do the installer slide show images for the release
> candidate, and so there should also be enough time for him to finish a sound
> scheme :).
> As for having a sound scheme included it will need to be discussed with the
> council, something I don't mind doing in the meeting tonight when probably
> get an opportunity in doing so at an appropriate section of the meeting.
>  They will probably agree on having a sound scheme, and as long as it's
> finished in time, I expect it can be included in the release candidate no
> problem.
> I am not on the council  mailing list yet, and it seems I will need to be
> given access to send emails there as the new marketing team deputy leader.
> Trish is on the mailing list for example, and she could request it as a
> topic to be discussed for this evening's meeting.  Or Max if he has access
> to sending emails to the list.
> The clocks went an hour forward in the weekend that for me has just been,
> but I think it will be at 8pm BST or 7pm UTC or something like that.  I
> think that it would be good to have Max at the council meeting this evening,
> and you as well or instead.  Artwork team is still meant to be voting on who
> to have as the leader and deputy leader, but at the moment only you two have
> put yourself forward, and so I think it will be you two in charge of the
> team.
> From Sebastian sebsebseb
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For the screensavers last time round I just mainly used my own images
as most of the submissions for the artwork contest don't look so good
when reflected.

I don't have them chosen already, but it wont take long.

I can ask Lewis for a sample today. Last I asked he was wanting to
record a better version of it first.

I'll report in later on both of these things.

That would be good about the council stuff.

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