[Mageia-artwork] where is the artworks for MGA3

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On 11/01/13 00:33, ??????? ???????? wrote:
> hello again
> as we Know now we at the time for releasing the second beta
> but since the first alpha release
> i havent see any thing about this thing
> can any one provide us with any INFO about it
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You should be on the Atelier mailing list if your not already. The 
Atelier mailing list being for the three teams merge that happened last 
year. The separatea marketing and communications team, artwork team and 
webteam, no longer exist, because they merged together to form Atelier.

There was a content for backgrounds, with proper discussions to do with 
that taking place on Atelier mailing list and so on, but council members 
decided to not use any of them. Instead it was decided by some of the 
council members to get some from the maker of the background for Mageia 
2. Some were made or whatever and council members have been saying which 
backgrounds they like most to least on the council mailing list recently.

Soon the winning background will be announced as well! Well probably not 
on the blog, but somewhere where those of us following this can find out :).
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