[Mageia-artwork] where is the artworks for MGA3

Trish Fraser trish at thefrasers.org
Fri Jan 11 05:31:17 CET 2013

HI Almusalim,

> as we Know now we at the time for releasing the second beta
> but since the first alpha release
> i havent see any thing about this thing
> can any one provide us with any INFO about it

You need to subscribe to the atelier mailing list, here:

You will need to use your Mageia login to subscribe.

Discussions about the artwork for Mageia 3 on the Atelier list can be
found here:


The process was completed, and the choices taken to council; at the
last meeting it was decided that we needed to call on more
contributors, as the quality entered for the competition wasn't high
enough. You can find meeting logs here: http://meetbot.mageia.org/.

As far as I'm aware, the call also went out on the Forums.

If you have artwork to contribute, please please please send a link to
the Atelier list today, so we can include it - tomorrow will be too

All the best,

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