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Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Sat Nov 5 19:09:11 CET 2011

(Inserted Remco's replies)

Op 04-11-11 14:29, Marja van Waes schreef:
> Op 03-11-11 20:59, Manuel Hiebel schreef:
>> Le lundi 31 octobre 2011 à 14:06 +0100, Marja van Waes a écrit :
>>> Marja *is* available for a meeting saturday and sunday, except saturday
>>> between 10.00h UTC and 18.00h UTC
>>>>> Hi everyone,
> We have six subjects to discuss:
>>>>>    1. Groups permission, add status ?
>> The subject "add status" was alredy discuss with the "TRIAGED" status so
>> for me it's on the mageia-dev (a mail was send by stormi)
>> I can not remember why I have add this "Groups permission" on the wiki.
>> Seems it's better to give full power to all people, I don't see at the
>> moment what we (triage guys) need more.
> This is about having a group  "BugSquad members" for bugzilla and 
> giving full power to everyone in that group, isn't it?
> To be honest, I was very amazed I had the power to close someone 
> else's bugs the minute I started, I don't think new members expect that.
> Maybe we could have a "BugSquad novices" group too, with less power.
> Oops, I'd be in that group, now ;)
> By the way: who keeps track of who has which permissions on Bugzilla, 
> and of anything that should cause permissions for someone to be changed?
>>>>>    2. what to do for unconfirmed bug. (like bug 2081
>>>>>       https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=2081
>> Same topic that "add status".
>> If I'm not wrong, there is a status UNCONFIRMED but only accessible (for
>> us) after that the bug was closed.
>> I will ask dmorgan if he can allow the status transitions new>
>> unconfirmed.
> Ah, I misunderstood what you meant.
> Somewhere deep down in my memory I seem to recollect that we weren't 
> going to use that status, but if that's right, Samuel will remember :)
>>>>>    3. bug 1364<https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1364>  Does it
>>>>>       irritate most of us, to have to fill out a comment field when
>>>>>       closing a bug as duplicate?
>> For me there is no problem to add a comment (since I have make a little
>> script, but I can't redistribute it for now, too dirty)
> That makes three (so far) who don't see a problem, and zero who do :)
Op 05-11-11 11:30, Remco Rijnders schreef:

Irritate is a big word. But yeah, can't we just change the default "*** 
This report has been marked a duplicate of # ***" to something including 
the words "Thank you for your report." ?

>>>>>    4. How do we improve the way we communicate with reporters and one
>>>>>       another about how much is done (bug 3047
>>>>> <https://bugs.mageia.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3047>  comment 18)
>> I think it's better to say what we make, like "bug assigned to
>> maintainer", so same as 3.
> Yes, we should say or explain what we do :)
>>>> 5.I'd like to add a fifth subject: on the tenth of october, I sent a
>>>>> mail to our ml asking who would be willing to help DJ Marian to learn
>>>>> to triage. No one replied
>> Maybe I can try but I don't know what to said. :)
>> Personally I have read bugs@ and ask on irc (French or development
>> channel)
> When I asked that, I didn't know there are so few of us nor that our 
> members are very busy with other things or are novices themselves.
> To be honest: had I known, I wouldn't have asked.
The best way to get started is to get started. The guide provides (IMHO) 
enough useful guidelines to do so. In case of doubts or concerns, we 
have this list or IRC.



> I'll try to make a "Bug Squad starter" page on the new wiki, and merge 
> what you did with what I did and hopefully add what others did, to 
> learn to triage.
> * read bugs
> * read the triage guide over and over again
> * read the bug policy (I had to repeat that, too)
> * ask on irc (# mageia-bugsquad, #mageia or #mageia-dev channel)
> and don't get frightened if no one replies: in that case, everybody is 
> too busy or away and someone will reply later
> * start trying code from the triage guide for yourself, to see what 
> happens
> * learn how to use Sophie
> * look around in upstream Bugzilla's and forums
> * learn how to make even better use of Sophie
> There is a lot more documentation than I thought, though, some 
> policies, packagers' pages and -not to forget- QA pages contain very 
> useful information for us. They'll be easier to find in the new wiki :)
>>>> 6. In the Bug Squad page in our new wiki, I put: Team leaders: Shared
>>>> responsibility of the team members
>> Well if nodody want I can take this great role. (same as council) :D
> I vote for you, you're a much better choice than me because you know a 
> lot more and because you have better contacts.
> On IRC I understood you approve of my trying to get us to discuss 
> things and have meetings.
> If that's correct and if you want me to keep doing that, I'd like to 
> be deputy leader, so that no one will think: "who does she think she 
> is, trying to get us together for a meeting?"
>>>>> My ideas are:
>>>>> # 1 Postpone that subject again
>>>>> # 2 Let the developer of the package decide
>>>>> # 3 It's good to explain why you think it is a duplicate so I think
>>>>> 1364 should be closed
>>>>> # 4 Make time to communicate. We have more time when we have more
>>>>> triagers: /Idea:/ Explain to all packagers that there are barely any
>>>>> triagers and ask them who is willing to become a member of the bug
>>>>> squad _only for one or more of their own packages_
>>>>> # 5 At this moment, with the work on the new wiki, I don't have time
>>>>> either :(
>>>> If no one else volunteers and if most of us agree, I'm willing to
>>>> become team leader if Manuel is willing to become deputy team leader.
>>>> (Yes, Samuel would be a better leader than me, as soon as he's got
>>>> enough time I'll gladly resign in favour of him :-) )
>>>>> Please share what you think about these - and maybe more - issues
>>>>> Regards,
>>>>> Marja
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