[Mageia-bugsquad] all the new bug squad members we are going to have

Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Thu Sep 27 14:34:12 CEST 2012

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Hi everyone,

If plans haven't changed, one of the next blogs will be about our
leader, leuhmanu :-D

That might lead to a lot of new bug squad members joining us.

However, until now we have *not* been very successful in keeping new
members, nor in helping them to get started. :-(

One thing that at least I did wrong: I expected that what worked for
me, would work for them, without wondering whether they'd maybe be
very different.

What made it easier for me to get started and do a lot for bug squad
(until I ended up in other teams) was:

1. that I liked to read the documentation
2. that I had Mdk + Mdv+ Mga experience
3. that, after initially not really having time, I was able to free up
 16 hours a week
4. that the idea that everyone could see my silliest mistakes, didn't
terrify me (that's one of the upsides of getting older ;) )

However, a new member might dislike reading documentation (but if
that's the case, will he like reading bug reports?), might have no
real Mga or similar experience, might have only a few hours a week
available and might feel very uncomfortable about everything that he
does in Bugzilla being visible "for ever".

So, instead of saying: "read our documentation, read some bugs and
then start", we should maybe first inquire who the new person is. How
much time can he dedicate, how well does he know Mageia or other Linux
distro's, is he used to working with the command line, does he like to

Also, I know we don't have time to mentor people. However to make
things less hard for newcomers, would it be an idea to let them start
with doing reports about package requests or (if they have more Linux
experience) needinfo bugs?

Or should we consider to *make* time for mentoring?


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