[Mageia-bugsquad] all the new bug squad members we are going to have

Marja van Waes marja11 at xs4all.nl
Sun Sep 30 18:23:33 CEST 2012

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On 28/09/2012 10:59, Manuel Hiebel wrote:
> Le 27/09/2012 14:34, Marja van Waes a écrit :
>> Hi everyone,
> Hi !
>> If plans haven't changed, one of the next blogs will be about
>> our leader, leuhmanu :-D
> Nothing in my mailbox for now 0:)

Maybe I should ping someone ;)

>> That might lead to a lot of new bug squad members joining us.
>> However, until now we have *not* been very successful in keeping
>> new members, nor in helping them to get started. :-(
>> One thing that at least I did wrong: I expected that what worked
>> for me, would work for them, without wondering whether they'd
>> maybe be very different.
>> What made it easier for me to get started and do a lot for bug
>> squad (until I ended up in other teams) was:
>> 1. that I liked to read the documentation 2. that I had Mdk +
>> Mdv+ Mga experience 3. that, after initially not really having
>> time, I was able to free up 16 hours a week 4. that the idea that
>> everyone could see my silliest mistakes, didn't terrify me
>> (that's one of the upsides of getting older ;) )
> 2+4 seems à require for me to not loose time for the new contrib,
> aka have a little experience in the rh/mdv/mga world and do not be
> afraid to make a blunder, there are enough people who read bugs@ to
> correct a mistake. And of courses we are here for any question (but
> a response can take a little time).

I agree on making 2 + 4 requires. Is anyone against that?

>> However, a new member might dislike reading documentation (but
>> if that's the case, will he like reading bug reports?), might
>> have no real Mga or similar experience, might have only a few
>> hours a week available and might feel very uncomfortable about
>> everything that he does in Bugzilla being visible "for ever".
>> So, instead of saying: "read our documentation, read some bugs
>> and then start", we should maybe first inquire who the new person
>> is. How much time can he dedicate, how well does he know Mageia
>> or other Linux distro's, is he used to working with the command
>> line, does he like to read?
> Yep, than will help to better assist newcomers.
>> Also, I know we don't have time to mentor people. However to
>> make things less hard for newcomers, would it be an idea to let
>> them start with doing reports about package requests or (if they
>> have more Linux experience) needinfo bugs?
> I don't see what we can ask for package requests (beside make them
> more readable, which will take 10mins (?) )

For old ones: check whether they got packaged without anyone noticing
(that happened before) and, if they got packaged for cauldron only,
whether it is valid to package them for 2 + 1 as well.
For new ones - and maybe some of the old ones too: check whether they
were filed according to the rules -including good readability - and
whether the package was in Mdv 2010.x

> For the needinfo bugs of courses, they could said if they
> reproduce, provide more info if they can etc, it should be our jobs
> too, but with our resources it's hard to do that for the most of
> issue.
>> Or should we consider to *make* time for mentoring?
>> WDYT?
> Why not, we could start with the good practice in the bugzilla,
> then each 1/2 week a new categories of bugs
> (installer/media/segfault bugs/specific rpms/etc)
> btw: as you have certainly see, I have less time than before, but
> can try to help newcomers if possible. (and I don't know why, with
> that above I have less patience for doing something :s)

Don't worry, having little time makes impatient, that is normal. If
you do help newcomers, then please forget about all the bugs you'd
normally do. It is impossible to do both.

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