[Mageia-dev] Small Mandriva problems to go thinking before Mageia Development begins

Marcello Anni marcello.anni at alice.it
Sun Sep 26 15:36:59 CEST 2010

> 2010/9/24, André Machado <afmachado at dcemail.com>:
> > 1. Since Mandriva 2010.0, there is a strange problem with BR-ABNT layout
> > keyboards: when you press the , key at numpad, system prints a . instead.
> > I've report this bug at Mandriva's Bugzilla but don't know if it was
> > fully fixed. Other current distros are afected too. Ubuntu is one what
> > is not.
> If you try different layouts in your keyboard you will see that the
> "." of numpad it is nt the same for all
> eg in my system :
> French: .
> Greek: ,
> > 3. When updating a kernel, all installed kernels are listed on GRUB
> > screen. This is right, but can confuse some users. We should show only
> > the last installed kernel and a menu item that leads to other menu with
> > all other installed kernels.
> I think that the only thing that could confuse the user is that he had
> to knows that the last kernel in the list is the default too (the
> first in the list).

i think these issues can be discussed (and fixed) in a following time.. i have 
too so many proposals to submit : )


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