[Mageia-dev] So?

Lucien-Henry Horvath tempo2 at marneau.eu
Tue Sep 28 22:49:21 CEST 2010

Gustavo >
I don't realy understand your so impulsive reaction.
You speak of FUD, in an other response for someone else than me you 
speak of "rebellion" and your respones to questions / suggestions looks 
My feeling in front of your responses is like this discussion :
Q> What is the direction ?
Your response > Adopt my point of view, shut-up and wait.

My volonte is not to build a rebellion and take the power, or to make 
the newbies afraid.

The kind of responses I expected was just :
- Ex-employes are making the governance (oopps, you have responded 
thanks for that ;-) )
- We have in prevision to make a meeting in 1-2 weeks (or 1-2 monthes). 
Or even : They have no prevision at this time ... because in our bases 
little team no decision is realy take in this sens at this time.

Or look your speach :
 > There's no captain yet. That's why you must put your name in the wiki.
Of course there are captains : ex-employes !!! Because they are the 
launchers of this movement. Mageia is their baby, and they construct it 
as they want at least the time to build a structure.
I have certainly not the pretention to say I'm better than they, do 
quicker or etc ...

 > They do it.
You seems speaking with a lot of authority. Are you an ex-employes ? So, 
why did not you said  "we are doing it" and no "they" ?
If you are an ex-employes, I will listen yours points because you have 
the knowledges and the wisdom. In other cases, that's will be a little 
more difficult to follow you ...

I am absolutly able to understand that it is difficult to build 
infrastructure and foundation. I just remind to all (perhaps in 
particular the captains defacto) that without vision, the boat can not 
go far. People need vision, perhaps not immediately but not too late.

For example (and to finish by a constructive suggestion), is it possible 
to write the persons listed on this page (https://www.mageia.org/) are 
temporarly the leaders in the mailing-list ? We need this for give 
directions to the reflexions into the mailing-list.

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