[Mageia-dev] What do you think about create a Mageia WelcomeCenter?

andré andr55 at laposte.net
Thu Sep 30 17:34:31 CEST 2010

Gustavo Giampaoli a écrit :
> I found both aproaches really atractive and useful.
> Kaptan looks very intuitive, easy and centralize most (if not all) the
> most common and basic settings that a person with basic knowledge
> could need after the first boot.
> However, wobo's aproach is also important. What happends if
> Kaptan-like-tool hangs in the first boot and close? That's where info
> page will be really really useful. This is an extreme example, but I
> think I presents the idea well. A newbie will be almost "naked and
> screaming" without to know where to go for help.
> But, if Kaptan-like-tool doesn't hang and works fine, it's always
> important to let people know where they have to go if anything goes
> wrong or where to meet other user. You never know when a user could
> become an important contributor.
> Cheers!
> Gustavo Giampaoli (aka tavillo1980)
> _____
I think the welcome centre is a great idea, but I don't see how this 
Kaptan tool would differ from the Mandriva configuration centre (MCC), 
long available in Mandriva for easy gui configuration.
Since Mageia is a fork, we will already have that.  (At least initially.)

As well, there is an easy tool for minor configuration of the Gnome 
desktop, which I presume has an equivalent under KDE.

Is the idea essentially equivalent to enhancing the MCC for a more 
complete range of settings to configure ?

- André (andre999)

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