[Mageia-dev] Can Firefox be included in Mageia?

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Sep 30 21:29:56 CEST 2010

Le jeudi 30 septembre 2010 à 19:19 +0000, André Machado a écrit :
> Years ago, the GNU project recompiled Firefox with a new name - Iceweasel - what
> is now used on Debian-based distros. Now, the GNU project has your own
> navigator: IceCat.
> Reason was a issue with Firefox logo and names, what are trademarks of Mozilla
> Foundation.
> So, my question: Mageia may use the original Firefox? or will we leave for any
> of these "alternative" compilations?

I think the question is more for the mozilla corporation than us, so I
think you should ask them and tell us what they think ?

Michael Scherer

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