[Mageia-dev] Can Firefox be included in Mageia?

André Machado afmachado at dcemail.com
Thu Sep 30 21:50:45 CEST 2010

>From what I understand, to use the name and official logo, we can not
change the binaries. So far so good, but this part caught my attention:

"In addition, if you are distributing Mozilla binaries yourself, and
 wish to use the Mozilla Mark(s), you may not
 (a) disable, modify or otherwise interfere with any installation
 mechanism contained in a Mozilla product;
 (b) use any such installation mechanism to install any plug-ins,
themes, extensions, software, or items other than the Mozilla product; or
 (c) _use or provide any program, mechanism or process (other than an
installation mechanism contained in the Mozilla product) to install such
product_. Any use of a meta-installer would require our prior written

Considering that the browser will be packaged in an RPM, I believe that we
should seek permission for the Mozilla Foundation. Fortunately, the very FAQ
points to
and has a e-mail adress: trademarks at mozilla.com .

So, I guess that one of project maintainers should oficially send them a message
asking about this.

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