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On Fri, Oct 1, 2010 at 10:30 PM, Sinner from the Prairy <
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> Fabrice Facorat wrote:
> > 2010/10/1 Romain d'Alverny
> > <rdalverny at gmail.com>:
> (...)
> >> Both (substance, appearance) are crucial. If you only consider one
> >> without balancing, making it consistent with the other, you're not
> >> going down the right path. The interface, the whole experience with it
> >> is the product.
> >
> > sure, but appearance is the key point.
> >
> > Archos is a good example of what we should not do ...
> >
> > I'm still amazed by the technicals limits of the iPhone, and how
> > people can still want to buy them ... same for iPod ...
> >
> > iPod : no mp3, no FM radio, no USB mass storage support
> > iPhone : no standard visio, no ability to create without iTunes or
> > third party tools photo albums, less capable facebook integration, no
> > FM radio, no flash,  and so on ...
> iProducts don't have all the bullet points, all the technical specs that an
> UberGeek would like.
> But the ones they have: work great, are integrated with the rest of the
> ecosystem, are user-friendly and they are aesthetically pleasant.
> By focusing on 90% of specs and getting them to be 95% perfect, instead of
> having 100% of specs and getting them to be just 50% workable, regular
> people (95% of the population) like their products.
> Apple's approach mimics the Unix philosophy (every small tool covers a task
> extremely well, and integrates with the rest of the Unix system): every
> single technical bullet point included does a task extremely well with the
> rest of the tools and look'n'feel.
> Mandriva tries that, with look'n'feel consistent on MCC, KDE and Gnome.
> draketools work on TUI or GUI. They work well.
> IMHO, Mageia should improve on Mandriva, not try to get just "bullet
> points"
> on what our distro does.
> Let's pick our battles, go the Unix way, make sure what Mageia does, it
> does
> very well. And as Linux is Linux is Linux is Linux, it will do everything
> else as well (and the kitchen sink).
> Salut,
> Sinner
IMHO, a home user would have one major DE, KDE or Gnome or other. I think it
is unlikely to change it (maybe once in 10 years). The key in appearance is
to have a nice aspect in each DE rather be the same look in Gnome or KDE or
other. I guess that each environment will fit some user's taste in its
native look.
The Drake tools must be cross DE and consistent.
Mac OS is an unix derivative. I love their look and ergonomy. They have a
serious team of ergonomists and designers. This is what a Linux distro needs
to be successful. i.e. Mageia. The IMHO, Apple products are too expensive, a
regular PC at the same performance and of a acceptable quality offers the
same for a half of the price. And you could renew it faster for the same
money. Their apps are brilliant from usability point of view and very good
looking. They focus on a very limited hardware in variety. This is their
advantage. Their hardware is also the best in quality (this is why they cost
so much also). I prefer open source though.
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