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yvan munoz mr.yvan.munoz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 21:33:47 CEST 2010

2010/10/4 Maarten Vanraes <maarten.vanraes at gmail.com>

> > We need to see what is still functional, what is broken (and so what is
> > to repair), and what is to drop. Eventually, what is to support and
> > repair again (printerdrake?) if possible.
> >
> > For what I know, there are many tools that work : RPMDrake and related,
> > Drakstats, Diskdrake, Harddrake, DrakX11, Drak3D, DrakUPS, DrakFirewall,
> > DrakGuard (wonderful this one) but may networking tools to share network
> > or use VPN, Samba, NFS, WebDav, and eventually along with Diskdrake, are
> > broken. Others such as Draksnapshot and DrakSamba (not sure if it works
> > or not) are a pain due to insufficient functionalities or
> > outdated/painful GUI. There is a nice theming functionality in the MCC
> > that is also probably broken or difficult to use, that could be restored
> > or explained.
> [...]
> Drak3d : completly unnecessary today for Compiz (and Metisse seems to be
on-stop actually, so no reason to maintain especially for it now)
DrakDisk : partitionmanager seems to be not ready, not complete actually.
gparted and Palimpsest are excellent (especially palimpsest) but DiskDrak
stay the g best tool i know today
DrakGuard : Absolutly wonderfull, a real "plus-value".
Drakups : unnecessary today ?
Drakfirewall : OK, but maybe integer outpout controll too is a good idea ?
(and provide effortless arptables and ebtables looks ambitious ?)
DrakSambaShare : initially a community addon from Mr Ginies (it think?) :
really excellent tool too. But maybe unnecessary today (as draknfs) because
desktop integration (and servers have admin)
Drakbackup and Draksnapshoot : please remove
DrakFax :  unnecessary today (desktop integration)
Drakmenustyle : deprecated
Drackoo : unnecessary today (libreoffice integration)
Drakpxelinux : too strict on paths to be really used by someone who knows
nothing about pxe and mdk/mdv/mga. Please remove.
Drakvirt : superseeded by Redhat tool.
Draknet* : please keep it. Best tool today (better than networkmanager for
many thinks, and conman seems to be not finished today.) Ambitious to have a
knetwaorkmanager port for draknet* ?

Mes two cents.
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