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Tux99 tux99-mga at uridium.org
Mon Oct 4 21:40:39 CEST 2010

Quote: yvan munoz wrote on Mon, 04 October 2010 21:33

> Drak3d : completly unnecessary today for Compiz (and Metisse seems to
> be
> on-stop actually, so no reason to maintain especially for it now)
> DrakDisk : partitionmanager seems to be not ready, not complete
> actually.
> gparted and Palimpsest are excellent (especially palimpsest) but
> DiskDrak
> stay the g best tool i know today
> DrakGuard : Absolutly wonderfull, a real "plus-value".
> Drakups : unnecessary today ?
> Drakfirewall : OK, but maybe integer outpout controll too is a good
> idea ?
> (and provide effortless arptables and ebtables looks ambitious ?)
> DrakSambaShare : initially a community addon from Mr Ginies (it think?)
> :
> really excellent tool too. But maybe unnecessary today (as draknfs)
> because
> desktop integration (and servers have admin)
> Drakbackup and Draksnapshoot : please remove
> DrakFax :  unnecessary today (desktop integration)
> Drakmenustyle : deprecated
> Drackoo : unnecessary today (libreoffice integration)
> Drakpxelinux : too strict on paths to be really used by someone who
> knows
> nothing about pxe and mdk/mdv/mga. Please remove.
> Drakvirt : superseeded by Redhat tool.
> Draknet* : please keep it. Best tool today (better than networkmanager
> for
> many thinks, and conman seems to be not finished today.) Ambitious to
> have a
> knetwaorkmanager port for draknet* ?

Well, luckily it's not your decision...

I use several of those tools you think can be removed.

We should improve and extend the draktools not cut them down!

I would really like a draklirc to configure IR remotes, since that's a
major pain to do manually (especially the first time), I even was thinking
of writing it myself, but never found the time for it so far.

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