[Mageia-dev] Talk of Browsers

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Thu Oct 7 01:59:52 CEST 2010

> Personally I use Gnome, so I would rather that Mageia would not become
> too KDE-centric. (Actually I use Mozilla Seamonkey instead of Mozilla
> Firefox, but that is another question.)
> If Kmail/Konqueror is installed by default, then the enormous KDE
> libraries must be installed, all of which I (or any other Gnome user)
> will have to remove.
> If there is a default browser installed, is much better if it is
> KDE/Gnome agnostic, like Firefox.
> (i.e. does not require either KDE or Gnome.)
> As far as extensions go, I agree to leave that to the user. With Mozilla
> (Firefox or Thunderbird or Seamonkey), any extension can be installed
> from inside the program, with a few clics. Even saves making any RPMs
> for the extensions.
> (I would make localisation extensions an exception.)
> - André (andre999)

I am not sure anymore, but I thought I had read somewhere that Mageia 
would be a KDE-centric distro "à la Mandriva", but still offer Gnome 
etc. if the user wished to install it.



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