[Mageia-dev] A new office suite ?

Florian Hubold doktor5000 at arcor.de
Fri Oct 8 16:54:28 CEST 2010

  Am 07.10.2010 08:22, schrieb Mihai Dobrescu:
>     If you have ever tried to rebuild/package the whole OOo, then you wouldn't
>     put that out so lightly. Ahmad really has a point there. Full OOo takes
>     up to 24
>     hours building time and space requirements are in the region of 20-35 GB IIRC
>     on a desktop machine.
>     ...
>     BTW, i'm all for LibreOffice!
>     Regards
>     Florian Hubold
> What kind of desktop machine (i.e. CPU, RAM specs)?
> I'm with LibreOffice too (has similar story to Mageia after all ;)).
That was my workstation 2 years ago, P4 2GHz, 1GB RAM.
But Ghiuseppe Ghibo had the same problems, as OOo couldn't
be put through buildsystem because of various limitations
and problems with the build.

So maybe you can also understand why the OOo version was
never the latest in mandriva, or not the same as the stable
OOo releases at the same time. But everyon in need could
grab official OOo tarballs and use them.

Now let's get on topic again ...

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