[Mageia-dev] Release cycle - what is actually POSSIBLE?

Margot margot at otfordduckscomputers.co.uk
Sat Oct 9 09:57:02 CEST 2010

There has been a lengthy debate about users' wishes for the Mageia
release cycle, but one important voice has been missing from this
debate: the collective voice of the devs who will be responsible
for producing the releases.

Before we start having polls and surveys, it would be useful to
hear from our devs. I'm hoping that they have already been
communicating with one another in the background (IRC? private
emails?) and working out what can actually be done.

As this is supposed to be a community-based distro, why do I think
that the devs' opinion is so important?

(a) They are the ones with the experience, they know how many
person-hours it will take to produce a releasable version of
(b) They are the ones who know how many hours they each have
available to personally commit to Mageia - some may be able to work
full-time on Mageia, others will have other work or family
commitments, and even those who can work full-time on Mageia will
occasionally need to sleep and eat!

We have two targets:
1) A cauldron version for experienced users to test, and
2) A stable (as much as possible!) version for less experienced

So, devs, please draw on your experience and your knowledge, and
tell us what will actually be possible.

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