[Mageia-dev] Release cycle - what is actually POSSIBLE?

Marc Paré marc at marcpare.com
Sat Oct 9 10:18:12 CEST 2010

Le 2010-10-09 03:57, Margot a écrit :
> There has been a lengthy debate about users' wishes for the Mageia
> release cycle, but one important voice has been missing from this
> debate: the collective voice of the devs who will be responsible
> for producing the releases.
> Before we start having polls and surveys, it would be useful to
> hear from our devs. I'm hoping that they have already been
> communicating with one another in the background (IRC? private
> emails?) and working out what can actually be done.
> As this is supposed to be a community-based distro, why do I think
> that the devs' opinion is so important?
> (a) They are the ones with the experience, they know how many
> person-hours it will take to produce a releasable version of
> Mageia.
> (b) They are the ones who know how many hours they each have
> available to personally commit to Mageia - some may be able to work
> full-time on Mageia, others will have other work or family
> commitments, and even those who can work full-time on Mageia will
> occasionally need to sleep and eat!
> We have two targets:
> 1) A cauldron version for experienced users to test, and
> 2) A stable (as much as possible!) version for less experienced
> end-users.
> So, devs, please draw on your experience and your knowledge, and
> tell us what will actually be possible.

Hi Margot:

Romain suggested this on one of those lenghty threads:


It has been posted before but I guess it's a good read for anyone
willing to push an argument in this debate:

It is a nice post explaining the existing different point of views
(bonus to clever points about updates frequency and presentation).

Now, in the same vein, let's put the discussion at rest a little and
have each interested person write down an article with arguments for
the why's and how's. So here is a page for that:

Please write down your point of view, detail it as explained on the
wiki page, link it and a week from now, everyone involved in the
discussion can have a look at it for a summary.

That won't trigger a change decision at once (way too soon anyway, we
have to roll a first release to assess our new build system and
infrastructure and organisation) but it may at least lay down all
arguments and allow to have a better view of what everyone understand,
agree on definitions and see what is really at stake here. For later
reference, discussion and decision.

Thanks a lot.





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