[Mageia-dev] Mageia repository sections, licenses, restrictions, firmware etc

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Wed Oct 13 19:31:44 CEST 2010

Le mardi 12 octobre 2010 à 17:53 +0200, Olivier Méjean a écrit :

> > 
> > == And DVDCSS, etc?
> What's in etc ?
> However, here in France we have a law "Dadvsi" on which the Conseil 
> Constitutionnel (something like American Suprem Court) has statuted that the 
> law could not prevent exception of decompilation and the exception of 
> circumvention of DRM if this is for interoperability. In other words the use 
> of libdvdcss is allowed for interoperability.
> So for me, Mageia can come with libdvdcss and other tools for interoperability

And for the people hosting mirrors outside of France ?

Shall we forget them ?

> About codec, you may know that VLC is based in France and hosts some projects 
> useful for interoperability. Since the start of the project in 1996, i don't 
> remember VLC being sued for such projects. So let's provide codec by default 
> with Mageia for a better "user experience" :)

"no one has been sued yet" is not a real argument.

No one sued mplayer developers for distributing binary copyrighted
codecs. No one sued http://www.dll-files.com/ , despites distributing
windows dlls. 

Yet, what they do is a clear violation of various copyright treaties.

So no, the fact that no one has been sued is not a reason to do the

Michael Scherer

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