[Mageia-dev] Mirror list for apps (LONG mail)

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Thu Nov 4 00:41:11 CET 2010

Le mercredi 03 novembre 2010 à 19:47 +0100, Olivier Thauvin a écrit :
> Hi,
> I wrote an application to register mirrors which is currently here:
> http://distrib-coffee.ipsl.jussieu.fr/mageia-mirrors/
> I hadn't the time to really check mirror brain, I just had a quick look,
> so don't ask.

Have you check mirror manager
( https://fedorahosted.org/mirrormanager/ ) :)

> In all case the goal of my application is to allow everyone to register
> a new mirror, and provide a list usuable by urpmi.
> It is time to write the part of code responsible of the list build.
> So come some questions.
> First let me explain the current mandriva process:
> 1) At time we have an /etc/product.id given by
> mandriva-release-Free-2011.0-0.1mdv2011.0
> On my system it contains:
> vendor=Mandriva,distribution=Mandriva Linux,type=Basic,version=2011.0,branch=Devel,release=1,arch=x86_64,product=Free
> 2) The base URL list is hardcoded in urpmi:
> "https://api.mandriva.com/mirrors/$product_type.$product_version.$arch.list"
> On my system the correct url is:
> https://api.mandriva.com/mirrors/basic.cooker.x86_64.list
> 3) The list look like:
> continent=EU,zone=DE,country=Germany,latitude=51.97,longitude=7.63,version=2011.0,arch=x86_64,type=distrib,url=rsync://ftp.join.uni-muenster.de/mandrakelinux/devel/2011.0/x86_64
> continent=EU,zone=DE,country=Germany,latitude=51.97,longitude=7.63,version=2011.0,arch=x86_64,type=updates,url=rsync://ftp.join.uni-muenster.de/mandrakelinux/devel/2011.0/x86_64

I would add the AS number, as this would allow urpmi to take a mirror
that is really near from a network point of view.

> So, question and my own POV about this:
> 1) /etc/product.id
>   * I don't like this file, I think it is redundant with
>     /etc/mandriva-release
>   * Why "basic" and not "Free" since it is the "product" flag ? Dunno
>   * Notice "cooker" does not appear in this file
> 2) The url
>   * I suggest to use http://mirror.mageia.org/api/, other proposal
>     welcome (need some review with sys admin)
>   * Obviously the valid list version is 'cooker' not 2011
>   * it is harcoded in urpmi

Could I suggest to not hardcode it anymore, and maybe place it in a file
outside of urpmi ( so a distribution could override it more easily if
needed ).

> 3) The content
>   * tags seems be optional
>   * mirror point to 2011 not cooker (a symlink at time)

Well, it depend if we want to let people go on cooker by default or not.

>   * I can produce same output as I have same information
>   * Do we need specific line for update since now distribution include
>     everything
>   * Do we keep this format ?

The format seems fine for me.

Michael Scherer

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