[Mageia-dev] sync with mandriva

Angelo Naselli anaselli at linux.it
Sun Nov 7 10:41:00 CET 2010

> as in mandriva list it seems that live will be again.  I was wondering for
> those we contrib in both distros.  I mean for example me: i maintan squid
> and snort (for example).  I wonder if there is a way so i may affect
> package once and build in both distros (because these packages for example
> wont change, i mean patches and compiled options will be the same).
Let's see my point ov view, once mandrake started as a fork of RH (i seem
to recall so, at least) and i remember well that an upgrade from some old
RHs was possible. So yes at least at the very first time i'd expect a good
compatibility between both spec files. Macros should be compatible as well.
I'd expect also a tool like the old rpmbuildupdate that imports new
packages from mandriva svn, even if that is not really needed because 
of the mdvsys (or how's going to be called) import command.
After that though if Mageia follows her way, they could become 
incompatible, so i'd expect more work for those maintainers that
help in both.

Well i heard somewhere that an agreement has been reached between Ubuntu and 
Debian to get some fixings synchronized... Who knows?

> Hope we can work together
It depends on what you think together means :) imho together means
that there should be no war but Mageia should be a distro itself and not
only a package rebuild distro (maybe with some new ones) like centos is,
otherwise it makes sense only if Mandriva does not provide a free iso.

That's my opinion of course not the Mageia one.


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