[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Olivier Thauvin nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org
Mon Nov 29 02:06:13 CET 2010

* Thomas Backlund (tmb at iki.fi) wrote:
> So the mirror medias accordingly to all comments so far would be a simple:
> * core
>   - enabled by default
>   - mirrors must mirror this media to be listed as a mirror
>   - only GPL stuff
>   - must be selfcontained
> * nonfree
>   - disabled by default, installer will ask to enable it if
>     it detects hw that need driver/fw from here...
>   - mirrors must mirror this media to be listed as a mirror
>   - contains apps/drivers/firmware that are free to redistribute,
>     but we dont have GPL source for
>   - for example ati/nvidia drivers/firmware, Oracle Java, ...
> * tainted
>   - disabled by default
>   - mirrors are free to not mirror this media
>   - stuff we think we can redistribute, but that may have some
>     patent issues or other restrictions in oter countries.

I can't agree with the "mirrors are free to not mirror this media",
three reasons:
1) I don't see an easy and safe way for mirrors to exclude a media (a
directory + hdlist in media/media_info) in each distribution,
2) I don't know how urpmi can manage this, all medias are described in
only one file, to detect something is missing
3) I tried to act as rules that a valid is a mirror containing
everything, to not have to deal with a lot of mirrors style.



Olivier Thauvin
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