[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Olivier Thauvin nanardon at nanardon.zarb.org
Mon Nov 29 04:32:07 CET 2010

* Maarten Vanraes (maarten.vanraes at gmail.com) wrote:
> Op maandag 29 november 2010 01:24:42 schreef Michael scherer:
> > So if we decide "mirrors will not handle the load, so we need to split
> > games", then we should also say "mirrors will not handle the load, so we
> > need to do less iso/offer to not mirror debug/offer to not mirror some
> > architecture", and we end with a non consistent network of mirror, with
> > lots of complexity on our side to handle the possible choice made by
> > mirrors. I am not sure that users

The solution is quite simple: do not give the choice.

For exemple, I am completly unable to know which part of Fedora or
Centos i can exclude, so I exclude nothing (espcially since none of this
distro said something can be excluded).

> > will truly benefit from this. And I am sure that we will not benefit from
> > the complexity.
> > 
> > If the space is a issue ( and I think that's one of the main one ), then we
> > should decide based on metrics. Ie, we plan to have no more than X% growth
> > in mirror size for 1 year. If we hit some soft limit, then we investigate
> > and decide ( ie, stop adding big backport, stop adding new package, etc ).

The space is an issue, but the distro size is increasing like everything
and like all distro. Disk size is also growing.

The problem is the size of the global tree, not the size of a single
distro. I expect a 700 GB for Mageia, the distribution is far less than

> I agree with you partly (mostly on the basis that mirror setup should be 
> primarily for mirror admins), however:
>  - some of those big packages are pretty much core
>  - and a big core repos is having a big hdlists as well; and you should take 
> into consideration that some people have regular phone line internet.
>  - i'm not entirely sure that mirror admins would like the overflow idea:
>     - if you're a small public mirror (ie: storage size), you would not mirror 
> the overflow; however some big packages would be pretty essential. seperating 
> extra (unmaintained pacakages); and games would seem easier; also on the 
> following up side; (ie: when problems arise); also a point is what about those 
> big packages and their dependencies (or rather other packages which depend on 
> it).

If you're maintaining a mirror you should first take care about the
ressources need by each distro you host, and small mirror won't probably
host mageia.
There enough big mirrors around the world able to host us to not
encourage small one to mirror us with bad practices, IMHO.

Obviously, we (mirrors admin) have always the same question before
hosting a new tree: "how many space do you need" and "how many bandwidth
will be used".


Olivier Thauvin
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