[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Mon Nov 29 09:06:25 CET 2010

Olivier Thauvin skrev 29.11.2010 03:06:
> * Thomas Backlund (tmb at iki.fi) wrote:
>> So the mirror medias accordingly to all comments so far would be a simple:
>> * core
>>    - enabled by default
>>    - mirrors must mirror this media to be listed as a mirror
>>    - only GPL stuff
>>    - must be selfcontained
>> * nonfree
>>    - disabled by default, installer will ask to enable it if
>>      it detects hw that need driver/fw from here...
>>    - mirrors must mirror this media to be listed as a mirror
>>    - contains apps/drivers/firmware that are free to redistribute,
>>      but we dont have GPL source for
>>    - for example ati/nvidia drivers/firmware, Oracle Java, ...
>> * tainted
>>    - disabled by default
>>    - mirrors are free to not mirror this media
>>    - stuff we think we can redistribute, but that may have some
>>      patent issues or other restrictions in oter countries.
> I can't agree with the "mirrors are free to not mirror this media",
> three reasons:
> 1) I don't see an easy and safe way for mirrors to exclude a media (a
> directory + hdlist in media/media_info) in each distribution,

Thats easy, just use --exclude-from

On my local mirror I exclude the debug stuff
so I use --exclude-from=excclude.lst

# cat exclude.lst

And thats all needed.
We can even provide this exclude file ourselves on the mirrors so we 
know its correct and if we change the mirror layout, we update the file.

> 2) I don't know how urpmi can manage this, all medias are described in
> only one file, to detect something is missing
> (media/media_info/media.cfg).

It already works.
For example if you only mirror x86_64, the media.cfg has references to 
Main32 and Main32 Updates. but since the hdlists are symlinked to
../../../i586/media/... the hdlists and synthesis will be empty,
so no reference to any 32bit package gets into urpmi database.

> 3) I tried to act as rules that a valid is a mirror containing
> everything, to not have to deal with a lot of mirrors style.

if te choice is between no mirror and a mirror without *tainted*
I'd choose the mirror without *tainted*


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