[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Tue Nov 30 02:54:59 CET 2010

Yann Ciret a écrit :
> Le 29/11/2010 15:44, Dexter Morgan a écrit :
>> On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 3:10 PM, Jerome Quelin<jquelin at gmail.com>  wrote:
>>> On 10/11/28 22:12 +0200, Thomas Backlund wrote:
>>>> So the mirror medias accordingly to all comments so far would be a simple:
>>>> * core
>>>>    - enabled by default
>>>>    - mirrors must mirror this media to be listed as a mirror
>>>>    - only GPL stuff
>>>>    - must be selfcontained
>> I liked the main/contrib separation.
>> Main was officially supported + sec updates and with only core this
>> means a lot more work/support.
> I dislike the main/contrib separation in some case.
> The first example is with Mozilla Thunderbird packages. Some extension
> packages are in contrib. So each time thunderbird received security
> update, the update cannot be installed because of non automatically
> rebuild of his contrib package. And each time I see a bug report of user
> asking a manual rebuilt. With only one core media, this situation will
> disapear (I hope).
Unlikely.  This problem is not at all related to separate repositories.

Rather that one package was updated, and an optional installed module 
was not.
The fact that the module is optional is the key point.
The installer should be flexible enough to give a warning in this case, 
and ask if you wish to continue the installation.
As well, in the case of Thunderbird, it is almost certain that the 
installed module was in fact compatible with newer version of 
Thunderbird.  (A security problem may directly impact Thunderbird or the 
module, but highly unlikely both packages.)
Rpm tags should have been set so that Thunderbird would recognize that 
the module was appropriate in the newer version.
So in sum, this was probably only a packaging problem.  Whatever the 

Note that if you install generic (not distro specific) Mozilla products, 
extensions can be added directly from within the application.  I suspect 
that this works the same with Mandriva versions, in which case packaging 
of Thunderbird should probably be done without any requirements for 
optional modules.

>> the other part ( non free + tainted ) seems OK for me
> Me too

Except I would use the more neutral "restricted" rather than "tainted".
"tainted" sounds like one should never install such a package, whereas 
it is intended for packages more at risk to have legal problems in some 

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