[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Balcaen John balcaen.john at gmail.com
Tue Nov 30 11:50:10 CET 2010

Le mardi 30 novembre 2010 07:37:42, Thomas Backlund a écrit :
> So, after reading all different opinions here and discussing with
> founders, here is the idea:
> We start of with  3 medias: core, nonfree, tainted and 3 debug medias:
> debug_core, debug_nonfree, debug_tainted. In order to avoid confusion,
> we wont use the name "restricted" as it was used in MDV commercial
> products.
> We wont blindly import every package from cooker, instead  we'll
> start off the import with basesystem (as in bootable system with
> shell access), compiler and rpm tools (and of course their buildtime
> depencies). When all of that is imported and rebuilt, we have a working
> buildsystem / base to build from.
Are you (not specifically you thomas :p)  going to check again the basesystem 
dependencies/requirements, if i remember correctly the basesystem in mandriva is 
not anymore a « real » basesystem ?

> Then we to go on with and start importing X, the different
> DE's and every other package needed to build a full distro.
Should not each package imported directly by the maintener here (for the DE),
so he's going to import (hopefully ?) only the real requirements so we'll be 
able to drop « more » unused packages maybe?

> Can we reach an agreement that this is the way to start the distro?
Sure (even if i'm not followed for the 2 points before :p )


Balcaen John
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