[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Thomas Backlund tmb at iki.fi
Tue Nov 30 14:41:33 CET 2010

Jerome Quelin skrev 30.11.2010 12:48:
> On 10/11/30 12:37 +0200, Thomas Backlund wrote:
>> We wont blindly import every package from cooker, instead  we'll
>> start off the import with basesystem (as in bootable system with
>> shell access), compiler and rpm tools (and of course their buildtime
>> depencies). When all of that is imported and rebuilt, we have a
>> working buildsystem / base to build from.
>> Then we to go on with and start importing X, the different
>> DE's and every other package needed to build a full distro.
>> By doing it this way, we get a clean start, every package rebuilt,
>> and no old/unmaintained stuff in the beginning.
>> Then as more maintainers join, I guess more packages will be imported
>> from cooker and other sources. And packages can always be requested.
> sounds sensible to me.
> questions:
> - how will the import be done?

It will be done by reviewing every srpm, drop anything mdv 
"owned"/trademarked, and then committed to svn. This is to get a clean 
svn to start from.

> - is it up for the maintainer to request it? or only for non-base system
>    packages?
> - or does the maintainer has a magic command to do?

maintainers will be able to import stuff into svn themselves.
More to follow soon regarding packagers / cleanup work.

We will notify users when we open up the svn so people can start 
reviewing/cleaning packages and commit it to svn

Then a new notification will be sent when we consider BS fully open.

> - will submitting a package for rebuild bork the list of maintainer (mdv
>    uses the "maintainer = 1st to submit" scheme)

I guess that will be so atleast for now.
This will be refined for packaging teams/maintainer groups...

> - do we have an estimated planning with the different steps?

Not yet, there are still some fixes needed to be done on youri to get it 
fully working.


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