[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

Dale Huckeby spock at evansville.net
Sat Dec 4 17:58:35 CET 2010

On Sat, 4 Dec 2010, andre999 wrote:

> John a écrit :
>> On Fri, 3 Dec 2010 11:28:26 +0100
>> Maarten Vanraes wrote:
>>> Op vrijdag 03 december 2010 10:45:05 schreef Ahmad Samir:
>>> [...]
>>>> The kernel uses the word "tainted" when it detects the nvidia
>>>> proprietary module for example, (which admittedly gave me a bit of
>>>> shock the first time I saw it :)).
>>> Heh, i had the same reaction.
>>>>  From all the proposed names, I think "tainted" is the best one, as the
>>>> packages in there are in a "grey" zone, i.e. not totally illegal
>>>> everywhere, but illegal only in some places in the world. And in
>>>> reality the existence of a patent doesn't necessarily mean it's
>>>> enforceable in a court of law (the only way we'd know for sure is if
>>>> someone actually does try to sue)... my 0.02€ worth :)
> Generally only potentially "illegal" in some countries.
> "Tainted" means contaminated, polluted.  A lot stronger than potentially 
> "illegal".  (Really only actionable in a civil sense, not criminally illegal, 
> as well.)
> A package could end up there due to an apparently credible rumour, later 
> discredited.  (Anyone remember SCO ?)

I agree.  Problematic comes closer to "potentially illegal", so I looked up some synonyms: ambiguous, debatable, dubious,
iffy, suspect, speculative, precarious, suspicious, uncertain, unsettled, in addition to problematic itself.  Personally
I like iffy, which is both short and to the point, but I think several of these would do.  WDYT?

Dale Huckeby

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