[Mageia-dev] Mirror layout, round two

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Sat Dec 11 15:52:34 CET 2010

Luca Berra a écrit :
> On Sun, Dec 05, 2010 at 09:46:21PM +0100, Wolfgang Bornath wrote:
>> Thinking of PLF, "MLF" comes to mind but that abbreviation has another
>> well-known meaning. :) "pisc" (patented in some countries) is another
> what i particulary like about the plf name is the "liberation" word,
> which has a clear positive meaning.
> every other suggestions in this thread has a negative connotation
> 'tainted', 'swamp', etc.
> Wording should not convey the meaning that it is illegal, thus _wrong_
> to use this kind of software.
> Wording should convey the meaning that using this kind of software is a
> way to express personal freedom without really committing any _wrong_.
> I would really hate if a free software distribution fell in the trap of
> supporting the idea that software patents are _right_.
> L.

I agree.
Although (as explained in another post), I think that we should avoid 
considering separating any particular patent-constrained package until 
we are approached by the patent holder.
Simply because since we are non-profit, all attempting to collect 
royalties from us will do is cause us to not use their patent technology 
- and push us to use some alternative - which could tend to lead to 
others using the same alternative - and thus lead to less usage by those 
who do pay royalties.

For packages we do classify as constrained, we should probably use PLF.
It is part of their policy to host packages for any distro, as long as 
contributors are willing to package them.
And as you say, their name doesn't have negative connotations.

(If we do end up with a constrained set of repos on Mageia, what about 
the name "Liberation" ? )

- André

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