[Mageia-dev] mageia sound tasks

Michael Scherer misc at zarb.org
Fri Dec 17 13:27:58 CET 2010

Le vendredi 17 décembre 2010 à 12:35 +0100, Sascha Schneider a écrit :
> Hi list,
> I just started to create some task.spec files from the mandriva
> task-sound-studio for mageia.
> In contrast to the former taskfile and to most other linux audio
> distributions I would like to establish a modular system of sound-tasks,
> that help installing packages, but do not install everything regarded to
> sound.
> For I am not a good programmer, I wanted to ask if there are some devs,
> packagers and mageia-fanatics, that are willing to join me on this mission.
> Work to be done:
> - provide sound packages like hydrogen, ardour, jackit ......
> - provide TWO good realtimekernel, one for desktop and another for netbooks

Given the fact that each kernel add a certain load on hdlists, I think
we should really try to avoid their proliferation.
( kernel represent 33% of the size of contribs hdlist at Mandriva ).

> - provide a script or someting like that, that scanns and adds sound
> specific stuff to the limits.conf, /etc/udev/rules.d and /etc/rc.d/rc.local
> and other places
> - provide tasks files that really only install good and necessary sound
> stuff.

Good luck with deciding what is "good and necessary". You will always
end frustrating people whose definition of good and necessary to be

And secondary, I think we should also try to avoid having too much task-
rpms. Their values is in the fact they allow to quickly install a set of
rpm without searching in the whole set of rpm. 

If there is too much of them, people while end searching in the various
task-* rpms, and that seems counter productive at best.
( ie, searching the task rpm they want to avoid searching rpm they want
directly ... ).

Michael Scherer

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