[Mageia-dev] Proposal for bugzilla

andre999 andr55 at laposte.net
Sat Dec 25 10:18:17 CET 2010

Maarten Vanraes a écrit :
> Op donderdag 23 december 2010 22:23:56 schreef Ahmad Samir:
>> On 23 December 2010 22:01, Samuel Verschelde<stormi at laposte.net>  wrote:
>>> I remember some years ago you could choose the exact version of the
>>> package for which you reported a bug, from a list. I agree that
>>> improving the UI side helpers could be useful.
>>> Regards
>>> Samuel Verschelde
>> As was said by dmorgan, listing each SRPM slowed down bugzilla a lot;
>> the distro has a lot of SRPMS...
> an ajax search is better; it doesn't add much and only gets searched if you
> enter at least 2 chars, or something like that.
> if such an ajax is wanted, i can write that if i can use app-mageia-db or
> similar as a list.

OK, I did a little search on Ajax, and I think that I understand now.
It seems that you're proposing autocompletion on the text typed in the 
field - and only matches will be downloaded.
But if it starts with 2 characters, there could be still 1000's of names 
I would suggest that we would need at least 5 characters to restrict the 
names downloaded to a reasonable number.

Also, there is another factor.  If we are looking for srpm names, but 
the user enters binary rpm names, there will not necessarily be a match, 
particularly if the srpm results in more than one binary rpm.
So in some cases this will not work.

But I have another idea.
Maybe we could have separate (binary) rpm and srpm fields.
There is a button on the page, which will invoke the command to give the 
srpms associated with the binary rpms.
Would this be workable ?
Something that would execute
  $ rpm -q --qf '{sourcerpm}' {pkg-name}
and would automatically enter the result in the srpm field, or at least 
display it so it could be typed in.

Of course, this would have to be done by the user experiencing the 
problems, to ensure having the correct version.
We would also have to deal with the cases where more than one rpm has 
the bug.

If we can automate this, we can dispense with the potential problems 
associated with a list of srpms.  And it would be (at least somewhat) 
more efficient both server and client side, as well.

Just an idea


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