[Mageia-dev] Proposal for bugzilla

Ahmad Samir ahmadsamir3891 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 25 21:20:34 CET 2010

On 25 December 2010 02:04, andre999 <andr55 at laposte.net> wrote:

> In my mind, it is triage and QA who would benefit the most from such a list.

Not really, QA and Triage already use Sophie

> It seems if we were to have such a list, that it might be better to make it
> a separate (web) application, which could be referred to in a separtate
> tab/window, so it is charged only once for reviewing a number of bugs.
> But if triage/QA is not interested, it is better to avoid this big list.
> Another thought : maybe we should have separate rpm and srpm fields.
> Because end-users will relate more to ordinary rpm's, several of which could
> be generated by the same srpm.
> Do you think that would be useful ?
> my 2 cents :)
> André

One field is enough, a package maintainer knows what rpms come from
which of his SRPMs. The RPM Package field main goal is indicating
where the bug exists as that's where it'll, hopefully, get fixed.

Ahmad Samir

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