[Mageia-dev] [soft-commits] [2494] Port stage2 to use udev.

Olivier Blin mageia at blino.org
Sat Dec 31 01:36:23 CET 2011

Colin Guthrie <mageia at colin.guthr.ie> writes:

>>>> +++ drakx/trunk/perl-install/install/Makefile    2011-12-19 22:47:15
>>>> UTC (rev
>>>> 2494)
>>>> @@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
>>>>   get_needed_files: xs
>>>>       REP4PMS=$(REP4PMS) ../../tools/install-xml-file-list
>>>> share/list.xml
>>>> $(DEST)
>>>> +    mkdir -p $(DEST)/run
>>> That won't work. stage2 is mounted by stage1 in /tmp/stage2
>>> so you want to create&  include it in stage1
>> Yeah, and creating livecds are now totally broken due to this :(

The problem seems only to be that /run is not cleanly unmounted at the
end of install. This could be workarounded in draklive, but better fix
it in stage2 if possible.

> Crap. I presume it's not this specific hunk that's at fault so much as
> the overall change?

Why is this needed in install/Makefile at all?
You already create this dir in install2.pm

Olivier Blin - blino

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