[Mageia-dev] [qa-discuss] Packages requiring linking for updates already in Core Updates

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Sat Oct 15 00:24:57 CEST 2011

Le samedi 8 octobre 2011 22:55:49, vous avez écrit :
> On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 10:56 AM, Samuel Verschelde <stormi at laposte.net> 
> > Hi,
> > 
> > I ran Claire's depcheck script (in its latest version) against all
> > packages in Core Updates. It ran almost all night, and here are the
> > results:
> > 
> i beg to disagree with all this because you act like if ppl were
> installing from scratch the rpms from updates.

That's not true: we're doing as if the people only have basesystem-minimal + X 
+ rpmdrake + the package being updated and all its dependencies, recursively. 
Except in case of a bug in our script, the listed packages are not present in 
such a system before the update, and are required from Release media for the 

If we were doing as if people were installing from scratch, the list would be 
the output of urpmq --requires-recursive, just test and check that there's a 
really huge difference :)

> ( like :
> *** kdebase4-workspace-devel ***
> ----------------------------------------
> Running checks for "kdebase4-workspace-devel" using media
> "Core Release" and "Core Updates".
> ----------------------------------------
> Mageia release 1 (Official) for i586
> Latest version found in "Core Release" is kdebase4-workspace-
> devel-4.6.3-7.mga1
> Latest version found in "Core Updates" is kdebase4-workspace-
> devel-4.6.5-1.3.mga1
> ----------------------------------------
> The following packages will require linking:
> canberra-common-0.27-2.mga1 (Core Release)
> libbluez3-4.92-1.mga1 (Core Release)
> libcanberra0-0.27-2.mga1 (Core Release)
> libcln6-1.3.1-2.mga1 (Core Release)
> libdmtx0-0.7.2-1.mga1 (Core Release)
> libgpsd19-2.95-4.mga1 (Core Release)
> liblm_sensors4-3.2.0-1.mga1 (Core Release)
> libpolkit-qt-agent-1_1-0.99.0-1.mga1 (Core Release)
> libqalculate5-0.9.7-7.mga1 (Core Release)
> libqalculate-data-0.9.7-7.mga1 (Core Release)
> libqimageblitz4-0.0.6-3.mga1 (Core Release)
> libsmbclient0-3.5.8-1.mga1 (Core Release)
> libssh4-0.4.7-1.mga1 (Core Release)
> libtalloc2-2.0.5-2.mga1 (Core Release)
> libwbclient0-3.5.8-1.mga1 (Core Release)
> mageia-kde-translation-1-2.mga1 (Core Release)
> polkit-kde-agent-1-0.99.0-2.mga1 (Core Release)
> sound-theme-freedesktop-0.7-5.mga1 (Core Release)
> xmessage-1.0.3-2.mga1 (Core Release)
> mageia-kde-translation is for ex alrady required by kde in mageia and
> not only added in updates, so ALL ppl having kde install WILL have it
> installed so linking this is useless, and i think this can be valid
> for a lot of deps listed too.

Either there's a bug in our script, or kdebase4-workspace-devel in Core 
Release didn't require any of those packages, directly or via its 

Now, we probably can find lots of cases where there's a "high" chance that some 
of the listed packages are already present on the user system, and those can 
be discussed. But the QA team already put hours and hours of work trying to 
workaround bug #2317 so I hope it's not a big deal if we link a few packages 
more than what is really needed for most users. Trying to be more precise (and 
we already are quite precise) would just make us go insane (and next step we'd 
all stop validating packages to go learn perl and rpmdrake internals in order 
to change MageiaUpdate's behaviour).

> For vuze:
> apache-commons-cli-1.2-5.mga1 (Core Release)
> liblog4j-java-1.2.16-13.mga1 (Core Release)
> log4j-1.2.16-13.mga1 (Core Release)
> xml-commons-apis-1.4.01-5.mga1 (Core Release)
> i think ( i can be wrong ) that all those packages were already
> required by vuze )
> because then, why not add java6 too :)

They weren't required according to urpmq --requires-recursive, but there's a 
limitation in urpmq --requires-recursive when there are alternatives : if 
package A requires B or C, then urpmq won't list the dependencies of B and C 
recursively. Some call that a bug, I prefer to call that a "how the hell could 
we do differently?" feature :)

Best regards


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