[Mageia-dev] Blogdrake repository for Mageia

Philippe DIDIER philippedidier at laposte.net
Mon Oct 17 12:51:05 CEST 2011

Joaquin Mandriva a écrit :
> This package is in:
> ftp://ftp.blogdrake.net/mageia/mageia1/SRPMS/faac-1.28-1bdk.mga1.src.rpm
> You can find a list with this package and much more in:
> ftp://ftp.blogdrake.net/incoming/MGA/joaquin/mageia.txt
> Regards.

Yes, I now your repo since I read your first post on september 30th

we talked, then,

- about the fact that it was better to propose a build of your rpms in
the Mageia BuildSystem for official  repos if they are missing...
I saw you began to import them ... thank you for that !

- and about the fact that some of your packages must not be built inside
Mageia because of a strict policy about what can be in tainted, what can
be in non-free and what must stay outside...

What I'm talking now is only about this ugly package (FAAC) - spell it
correctly :)  - both non-totally-GPL (so non-free) and tainted : it
can't be in non-free repo because tainted, and not in tainted because
non-free !

and so talking about :

A) "uglily" built binaries using faac that you propose and which already
exist, "honestly" built, (without faac) in Mageia1 or Cauldron :

1) audiokonverter as provided by your repo needs faac (it is not the
same thing in Mageia's repo)
2) transcode as provided by your repo seems to need faac too (it is not
the same thing in Mageia's repos)

B) packages that you might provide with a special building using faac :

1) mplayer (so that mencoder may work on aac, m4a and mp4 files)
2) vlc (to be able to work on aac, m4a and mp4 files)
3) avidemux (to be able to work on aac, m4a and mp4 files)
3) libquicktime (to provide a libquicktime-faac rpm)
4) mythtv ( to be able to work on aac, m4a and mp4 files)
5) gstreamer-plugin-bad (for the same reason)

C) your packages that may not be imported in Mageia exactly the same way
you built them, and will need to coexist with Mageia's ones when they exist:

1) cinelerra (built with BuildRequire faac)
2) handbrake (its source provides a "bundled" faac source and itis built
with this BuilRequire in your repo)

and finally to find a way to have a coherency for version number and
suffixes to allow "updates" from Mageia's  to yours
... if you are OK to become a kind of PLF repo for Mageia for this
insoluble problem

I hope it is clearer (but longer !)

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