[Mageia-dev] Importing RPM Groups

Samuel Verschelde stormi at laposte.net
Sun Jan 9 11:54:37 CET 2011

Le dimanche 9 janvier 2011 10:49:19, Remy CLOUARD a écrit :
> Hi,
> I just imported the RPM Groups page into the wiki.
> I verified the list was complete with what rpmlint returns as valid RPM
> groups.
> Maybe some groups are obsolete, others could be created
> Proposal for removal:
> Graphical desktop/FVWM based (only one entry)
> Graphical desktop/Sawfish (only one entry)
> Proposal for creation:
> Development/Haskell
> Development/OCaml
> Graphical desktop/LXDE
> Networking/Chat (merge with Instant Messaging)
> Sound/Players (because listening to music and creating it is a very
> different thing IMHO)
> Sound/Editors
> Sound/Other
> WDYT ?
> Regards,

I think groups may need a bigger rework than just those changes. To me, 
package groups should be as close as possible as menu entries (for graphical 
packages), but maybe that would be too few groups ?

In fact, debian has some advance upon us on this, by the use of debtags. We 
could maybe simplify grouping if we could put some information in tags rather 
than in groups.

I don't know if there are cross-distributions efforts to harmonize package 
groups, but that would be an interesting subject to tackle in the upcoming 
meeting in Nürnberg.

More questions than answers :)


Samuel Verschelde

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